Lessons at Cedar Falls Equestrian Center

The CFEC offers riding lessons on your own horse, or one of their school horses. 
Dressage, Huntseat, Jumping and Vaulting are taught with an emphasis on correct position and proper aids according to your interest and need.

An ASTM approved equestrian helmet is required. 
Helmets are available for rent at the CFEC for $5/lesson or one may be purchased at a local tack shop. 
Also required are hard soled, heeled shoes (paddock boots or rubber riding boots are recommended) and long pants.
Vaulters do not wear helmets for safety reasons and must wear a soft soled shoe with no heel and tight fitting clothes to avoid catching on equipment.

Starter Lesson Package
6 private lessons approx. 1 hour in length, 2 or 3x/week
includes instruction on basic horse handling, grooming and tacking. $275

Ages 13 and under:
$35/30 Minutes on your own horse
$140/month for weekly lessons

$45/30 minutes On CFEC Lesson Horse
$180/monthly for weekly lessons

Ages 14 and over 
$45/45 minutes on your own horse
$180/month for weekly lessons or $315 for 2 lessons each week.

$60/45 minutes on CFEC Lesson Horse
$240/month for weekly lessons or $475 for 2 lessons each week

Group vaulting lessons.
$25 per session.

All private vaulting lessons $60/45 minutes.

$240/month for weekly lessons or $475 for 2 lessons each week

Deb coaches and lunges for her team, The Blue Sky Vaulters, as well as for others. 
Deb organizes vaulting competitions for Region V and hosts them at CFEC. 
She assists other teams and lungers to improve their skills.

Currently, Deb owns and shows 3 vaulting horses. 
CFEC is home to Mon Coer (Mike), who is one of the most awesome vaulting horses ever! Mike is a 29 yr. old registered American Warmblood.

Mon Coer: Honors & Awards
2011: Top 10 Horse of the Year American Vaulting Association (AVA)
March 2012 ,2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018 Zone 5 Horse of the Year Award AVA

Facebook Page for Mike the Vaulting Horse